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Weston A. Price Foundation

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

Paleolithic Diet Page

Ancestral Health Symposium

Beyond Vegetarianism: An investigative website containing some excellent scientific research relating to Paleo diets

The Paleo Diet is Loren Cordain’s site. It promotes his book and includes, for free download, PDF files of all of his scientific articles on Paleo Diet.

The Gluten Free-Casein Free Web Site – Addresses issues of learning disabilities, ADD/HD, autism and other health issues as related to grain and commercial dairy products in the diet.

Mercola – Filled with hundreds of diet and health articles, many elaborating on the topics of low carbohydrate diets, Paleo diets, soy dangers…etc. Free subscription to E-newsletter available.

Eat Wild – An entire web site devoted to extolling the many benefits of pasture-fed (vs. grain fed) meat. Also lists a nationwide directory of places where quality range-fed meat, poultry and eggs may be bought. An invaluable resource!

The Truth About Soy – Exhaustively referenced throughout and detailed

Native Foods – Explore Dr. Weston Price’s research, Nourishing Traditions, and how to integrate them into your daily life through connection with this online forum.

A Campaign For Real Milk – Information regarding unpasteurized/unhomogenized (raw) milk products and available sources

Radiant Life – a catalog of quality “Nourishing Traditions” related products, supplements and foods

Dr. Ron F. Schmid’s web site – a source of quality additive-free supplements available to

Ionic Zinc liquid source – MMI laboratories, Inc. 1-888 775-7456

US Wellness Meats – online mail order source of superb, organic grass-fed meats.

Cholesterol Skeptics – a noncommercial organization of doctors and scientists providing information opposing the prevalent dogma about cholesterol and heart disease.

Resources for identifying hidden sources of MSG – definitive source of research information and news concerning the effects of EMF. – source of EMF-protective products. – source of EMF-protective products.

Immunitrition – superb source of probiotic products to improve digestion and offers Certified Healing Foods Specialist Training (CHFS).